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“Piano Student”

After teaching “M.”, one of my piano students, I asked her whether I could give her a book that had changed my life – a Bible. At first she said “no” but went on to say she watched her mom turn away from Christianity after her husband (M.’s dad) died. She also said she’s seen some Christians who aren’t very nice and who are judgemental. We talked for a bit about the fact that it’s not what some Christians are like – we all blow it sometimes – but it’s about a personal relationship with God! She said she’s just raising her daughter to be kind, etc. I told her that she is one of the nicest people I know, because she is. God says that isn’t enough. So, after a bit more conversation, she agreed to take it and at least read the intro parts of the book!

The coolest part is, that morning God nudged me to give a Bible to M. but I didn’t know when I’d have the chance because there is a student right after her. Later that morning, that next student phoned and cancelled because of a migraine. So, I know God had opened the door and given me some time to be free to talk to M. God is faithful!

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