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Our facility belongs to God and was constructed for disciple-making purposes. The facility shall be used solely for functions that exalt God, practice fellowship, serve others and proclaim Jesus. We are open to having the community use our building space for everything from birthdays, weddings, funerals, meetings and everything in between.

We have a number of available spaces with capacity to hold between 25 – 425 people at a time. 



FLAT RATE (Based on 4-hour rental)


Divider provides separation from entire foyer.

Sits up to 6 tables (48 seats comfortably)

Sound system and TV available



Maximum table seating – 250 (50’x80′)


Meeting Rooms

Small: Table and 10 chairs, White Boards

Medium: Table and child sized chairs (for up to 20 children), Toys (ages 2-6), TV available with Apple TV.

Large: Open space or room for tables and chairs up to 60, projector and screen available for videos or presentations.

Board Room: Two tables and chairs.



Sits up to 425

Full sound system (assistance required)

Use of projector and screens (assistance required).



Kitchen equipment can include: Ovens, coffee urns, pots/pans, dishes, cutlery, serving pieces, dishwater, etc.

$350 (includes kitchen supervisor).

Room Rental resulting in more than 4 hours = $100/hr

Event Costs


Base (Covers All costs)


Base Cost


$1000.00 (See addendum below)


$1000.00 (See addendum below)

Piano Recital

$650.00 (See addendum below)

If you would like to make a booking please fill out our rental agreement (below) or email our office for more information at Our office hours are Mondays – Thursdays between 9:00 – 4:30 pm.

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