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“At the MCC Thrift Shop!”

Some time ago, I talked with a new volunteer at the MCC Thrift Shop after a discussion in the staff room about some of the books written by Rudy Wiebe, a Mennonite controversial author. She asked me about my background and I was able to share with her that I had grown up attending an Anglican Church. She said she had as well and found it cold and distant and hadn’t really been involved in church since. I shared that I had found it the same but had been introduced to the truth that Jesus had died for me, forgiven me and wanted to direct my life when I was in my 20’s. The discussion didn’t go any further but when I saw her Thursday, it seemed the perfect time to ask if she had ever had the opportunity to read the Bible in modern English. She said “no” so I shared that I had tried to read the King James Bible several times but I was young and always gave up until I found a modern version. So, I asked her if she would like one. She was happy to receive it. Pray that she would actually read it.

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