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“A Server at Swiss Chalet”

After church I knew of three people that I wanted to give Bibles to. So, I picked them up. My husband surprised me by taking me out to Swiss Chalet for lunch. I took a Bible with me and prayed for whoever would be serving us. We had lunch and after I told my husband to take time paying so I could visit with our server.

I had talked with her several weeks before, so I asked if Christmas was nice and she said “yes”. I asked if she got what she wanted and she replied, “Never – but my kids smiled and that’s good enough for me.” The last time I saw her she had a black eye. She is a single mom with three jobs. I asked if she like to read (thinking this gal has NO time to read). She said flat out “no”. My heart sank but then she said, “Well, I shouldn’t actually say no. I’ve just read the book about the woman who was held captive for so many years…” and then she went on to list three more books. I told her that Ron Perelman’s book was good if you could ignore the swearing. We chatted about my husband reading poetry so he could learn to like it. If the poems were short enough, it was manageable. Then I pulled out “The Source” and said I would like to give her this book as a Christmas present. It’s a Bible – well, actually the New Testament. Would you take this gift? At first, reluctantly, she took it and thumbed through it. “What religion is this?” she asked and I told her that it is none, just a modern translation of the New Testament. She became more positive and said, “Well, I have been wanting to change things in my life to more positive things…” I told her that this is just the right thing. I can recommend this as it has done this very thing for me. “Wonderful!” she replied, practically hugging it to her chest.

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