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“A Friend at University”

Praise God for his wisdom and timing in the Bible give-away! I have a friend at university named “W.” He’s become part of my circle of friends but we’ve never has a great conversation about exactly what he believes. This December, W. came with me and my friends to a Christian conference. He started asking some good questions during the conference and, after the conference, we had a long chat about how he feels like he isn’t good enough to face God and enter heaven. It was really cool to see him begin to understand grace for the first time!

After our chat, I took another stop of faith and asked W. if he wanted to study the Bible together once a week. He excitedly say “yes” but that he didn’t know much about the Bible and he didn’t have a Bible of his own. Enter the Bible challenge! Just three days later, Bibles were distributed in our church for us to give away. I took one for me and one for W. This Thursday, I got to introduce W. to the Bible. Books of the Bible, chapters, verses – they were all new ideas for him. Please pray for W. and me as we read the book of John together. Pray that W. would know that Jesus is God and that, if he trusts in Jesus’ death and resurrection, he can stand before God without fear because of what Jesus has done for him.

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