Dalhousie Missions

We are called to missions.

At Dalhousie Church we believe that we have been called to share the love and gospel of Jesus Christ with those around us, both locally and internationally. As a church we are involved in sharing Christ in our local and global communities through community involvement and international missions.

Local Community

We are partnered with various organizations and local missionaries aimed at impacting Dalhousie and Calgary. We host a community food distribution depot, English courses for new immigrant women, and work with missionaries in the local community to share Christ’s love. If you would like to get involved in serving the local community through Dalhousie Church.

Global Community

We are also partnered with international missionaries working in India and Asia. In addition, we work with organizations such as MCC, OMF, and MB Mission. We also encourage sustainable living and purchasing fair trade products to help eliminate global poverty and build sustainability within our global community.