God is Moving / Acts Series

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Hello Church Family,

Can you believe that we are at the end of January and about to begin February? WOW! I would like to thank you for all that you are doing. I have been amazed at the success of children’s ministry. Between Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings kids’ clubs, our church is making impact in the lives of young families. Pastor Heather’s leadership has been fantastic and your volunteering and praying for these ministries are so appreciated.

I was excited this last month to see our youth working with the most broken and marginalized within our communities. I am excited that under Pastor Sam’s leadership the Father is providing early exposure to the marginalized within our society. This is where the Father’s heart is. Matthew 25 makes it clear that we are to feed and clothe – to care for these. If not the consequences are pretty extreme. Sunday was great to see Jordan and Amy back on stage leading worship. I am thankful for the leadership of Pastor Tom and the vastly talented church family we have. I love Pastor Tom’s heart – desiring to create a place where if we choose we can encounter the Father together in community.

As you know we have stared a series of talks focused on the book of Acts. So far we are only 2 weeks into these series of talks; however, I have to say I think it has been rich, revealing and challenging. My hope and prayer as we move through the book isn’t a smarter, better informed church. My hope is that we encounter the Spirit. My hope is that we are changed and that we see people, situations and time differently. We could be possibly be living in moments that will leave us forever changed. My hope is that we will be a church that encounters and lives a life in the Spirit. It is not too late to join us for the Acts’ series. You can actually go to our website and catch up on the talks that you have missed.

DCC, there are so many exciting things that are taking place, so I would like to encourage you to be people of prayer, and be dedicated to seeing the Kingdom of God grow. Speaking of prayer, I would like to encourage you to make plans to attend the workshop of February 21st from 9 to 12. Cheryl Buchanan will be leading this workshop. This is what she does and is anointed to do. This workshop will be age appropriate for our youth to senior adults. I believe that this might be one of those moments that will leave us forever changed.

I love you church family. Let’s keep advancing the kingdom and living lives filled by the power of the Spirit.

By His Grace,
Pastor Shane